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  1. Fingers crossed that your Dad pulls through, Sammy. All the best.
  2. His dives for all three goals were as though his feet were rooted in cement. Looked like a very old and immobile keeper last night.
  3. Ah, but apparently you have to allow for a period of transition. Mourinho just needs time.
  4. After last night's result for Spurs, I'm reminded of a article written by Julien Laurens for ESPN about Pochettino's departure and, in particular, this section: Now I don't think things have gone 'massively wrong' for Spurs but have things really improved that much since Mourinho took over? I'm not sure they have.
  5. f***ing liability. Please go at the end of the season. Tired of seeing your mistakes on this team. Make them on another team.
  6. I thought that Fabinho was playing very, very safe in that game. Didn't pass forwards at all. Everything left & right, like a f***ing crab. Very poor.
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