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  1. I thought it was clearly a pen. I'm more sceptical about the ability of the VAR to call Salah offside by millimetres based on a grainy image, taken from long distance, on which you can't tell when the ball left Firmino's foot and there's some reasonable doubt about which part of the defender was closest to the goal line.
  2. Glad it's a pre-prepared plane, I've heard bad things about those DIY ones
  3. Today I listened to an advert for Now TV that described this match as being a clash of "last season's title rivals". Furious.
  4. NeilJ


    I'd have put you more in the Mr and Mrs era
  5. Michael Sheard also played the officious German site manager Herr Grunwald in the first series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Definitely a niche he carved, there.
  6. I toyed with buying the Steve McQueen picture disc today but I decided that what sony have done with the sleeve looks quite s***.
  7. NeilJ


    deleted as on second thoughts I don't want to add to the gloom and people can find this stuff easily for themselves
  8. His handling is a bit suspect, if stories are to be believed.
  9. Isn't Glasgow the second city of empire? A choice of one of those teams would have been more fun.
  10. Wasn't there an offside in the move leading to the corner?
  11. I enjoyed Curtis trying really hard to look cool after his great penalty, struggling to stop a smile breaking out.
  12. I think there's some oranges and apples in that list. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3497
  13. Is this Howzat by Sherbet? Impressive.
  14. NeilJ


    I don't know all the details tbh and I'm cautious about stigmatising individuals, but I think the story was that he broke a post-holiday quarantine at the time he went on the pub crawl, so a bit more to it than just 'he visited a few pubs '
  15. Ah, right. If it's untrue then you'd have thought Evra would know that, the fool.
  16. Oh yes sir Alcantara But I need a certain song Alcantara Tara wara All night long
  17. NeilJ


    I know 2 people tested at Deeside on Friday afternoon, and they had only booked it Friday morning.
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