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  1. Aye, we need a back up for Robbo. We've been lucky he hasn't been injured.
  2. Aritro


    Don't forget my own several replies to Stanley's posts to try and generate the illusion of thread activity. But yes, it's deserved to be put out of its misery by the end. I'll be back in another epoch with another thread about something else and it'll blow your f***ing minds.
  3. Aritro


    This is a very worthy post Jarg.
  4. Aritro


    I was trying hard to recreate the days when we had proper threads to discuss things, instead of lumping everything together into unwieldy, sometimes unreadable 200 page superthreads of miscellaneous s***e But alas, that seems to be what gives most of you Type-A oddballs peace. Anyway, I'm clearly the hero you all need but not the hero you're ready for.
  5. Aritro


    It had wings, but you f***ers tore them off
  6. Aritro


    This is the s*** I want to see! Although f*** finishing it by June 30, there's no bothersome Euros to worry about now, may as well stretch out and finish the season in Autumn, and write off the next one.
  7. Aritro


    Thought it might be good to have a dedicated thread for this, instead of having it all buried among all the other s***e in the 19/20 thread. The most recent update is that there won't be any football for ages, and at the moment thinking of football makes me queasy because I immediately imagine what it will feel like if we're denied. I'll let you know if this changes. In the meantime, feel free to post all news and views on it here.
  8. If Klopp stays until the end of his contract, it will probably be really easy to.
  9. These people are odd. We're still a chance to win the Cup despite doing our best to bow out of it. We ought to think about seriously trying to win it, considering we've won close to f*** all in the last decade. And considering we can probably win the league with our eyes closed from here on in.
  10. He has looked like he's lacked core strength when he's pushing against defenders so that makes sense. Dealt with it a bit better in one instance when he came on against Watford though
  11. He's barely got a kick in any of his appearances before yesterday's but f*** me he looks good in these highlights against the best team in the world. I didn't realise he'd been this good.
  12. Aritro

    Rhian Brewster

    4 in 10 for Swansea now. Also has five yellow cards.
  13. Aritro

    FSG Watch...

    That's actually very good
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