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  1. Was it the Special One who crippled Herbie Kane then? f*** off Mourinho.
  2. He's just a s*** Curtis Jones now isn't he? But no in all seriousness, I love this guy like a courteous, impeccably-raised young cousin but he might not have enough left to give. Curtis should be getting his minutes til the end of the season.
  3. He's too old for Academy football next year isn't he? Which might mean he'll be playing faux-reserves footie every two weeks? Should go on loan for the season in that case.
  4. Aritro

    Rhian Brewster

    Yeah good work Hassony 🙄
  5. Aritro

    Rhian Brewster

    Maybe so, but that's the last time I'm watching Swansea to report back to you plebs. I've done my bit.
  6. Aritro

    Rhian Brewster

    So after this debacle, I decided to have another go at watching a Swansea match to see how Brewster plays. This time I watched Brewster touch the ball four times; once with his back to goal, once heading a hopeful long-ball, a clever backheel flick with his back to goal that didn't come off and once with his a*** blocking an opposition cross. They seem to play using a very slow build-up and rarely seem to get any decent possession in their attacking third. I've developed a new respect for his 7 in 14 on this evidence.
  7. Aritro

    Rhian Brewster

    His goal is at 0.20. Alert finish from a ball played across the penalty box. He's clearly got a knack for it. He fluffs a good chance 1 v 1 with the keeper at 1.24 as well.
  8. Has a good touch and barely put a foot wrong. With his energy, he might offer us an Ox type option, except less invisible than the Ox is a lot of the time. I do hope he gets enough minutes next season though. Otherwise he's better off getting 40 appearances somewhere else than 4 starts and 4 sub appearances for us. It'll just f*** up his development.
  9. Well Curtis Jones is a bit good isn't he? Tidy player. f*** me Jones is only 19 as well. Looks about 23.
  10. He had two good touches in the build up and bust a lung getting into the box. Deserved it all over.
  11. Am i on a massive delay or has he just scored? EDIT: What the f***? I had no idea the Aussie coverage was so delayed. JONES!!!
  12. We should have been 3-0 up half an hour ago so he could have got more minutes, but thank f*** there's a reason to watch the rest of this now. Lol, can't blame him for that shot I suppose
  13. I've decided to read things on my laptop until something happens
  14. We need a shot in the arm. Someone to wrest the game by its balls and roar us into action. Minamino, obviously
  15. Nothing good can come of Origi's rebirth as Belgian Sisqo
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