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  1. Had to google this to work out why people liked it. Yes, that's very clever.
  2. If he turns out to be good enough to be worth buying back, 37m isn't very much
  3. It's miles better the way you posted it with the photo and that. Just ignore him (again).
  4. Wasn't expecting them to giftwrap us a win like that. Had really feared them with all their new signings this season but with any luck, this is evidence that they still more than have it in them to do stupid things and cost themselves games
  5. Yeah, would probably hold back on the self-congratulation in light of that
  6. Werner's going to take some stopping this season. Has serious pace.
  7. Once in Aussie Rules footy in the 80s, a forward called Mark Jackson knocked out the forward who was competing for his place at training, putting him in hospital and taking his spot. After a series of well-documented disciplinary problems, Jacko left the club and signed for another one. His contract at the new club included a clause that he wasn't allowed within 80 metres of the club's other forward at training. Later, at a third club he famously put a brick under the break pedal of the club's star forward Trevor Barker, whose quick thinking when he realised whilst backing out of th
  8. Both Sky and BBC also reporting this now. f***'s sake, it was too good to be true. Genuinely f***ing gutted.
  9. If they're not going to spend responsibly in this time of scarcity, they're not fit to be custodians of our club IMO f*** off FSG
  10. Also mad how he ended up in the Chelsea football farm at the age of 24 to go out on loan a bunch of times. They must pay these players a decent wage, otherwise who the f*** would bother going there.
  11. I prefer this thread over the other thread. Good title, Gethin. Let's merge them and keep this title.
  12. I think it might have been someone on here that said Jota would be a better signing from Wolves than Neves and then I watched him next time I watched Wolves play and he was quite good. Might have been someone else though. f*** knows. Anyway, for the club to spend 40m quid when we're teetering on the verge of insolvency, he can't be s***e.
  13. you're really something else! I reckon Firmino is several tiers above Kuyt as a footballer tbh, but then I didn't rate Kuyt anywhere near as much as others on here and I think Bobby's f***ing brilliant.
  14. So then lads, who do we want to play in the Champions League final this year? I think there would be a cruel irony to beating Bayern with their best midfielder.
  15. Which is one of the reasons I'd prefer to see him go on loan so he can play 40 games and learn a lot more than he will by playing 5 games for us. Agree he looks a long way off. He'll need a very sharp improvement on what he's shown in past league games before he make a positive contribution for us. No one actually expects him to be Trent, just look like a Premier League standard player or something close to it if he's going to deputise for the person ahead of him in serious matches. And yes he's young, hasn't played much and will improve. I don't think anyone needs reminding of
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