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Liars and Cheats

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You hear all the time that it's "Johnny Foreigner' that dives, cheats and acts disgracefully - but time and again you've seen Scholes, Rooney, Gerrard, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Beckham and a memorable cast of others saying "Nah!! We The English don't dive - everyone else cheats.. but not us"


Well, I'm wondering with the latest laughable actions by this horrible football club(?) wether it's time they were hoofed out of the world cup.


How can Terry say "England don't dive" (Again) with a straight face and yet look at Rooneys actions - disgrace to say the least. I'm sick and tired of all the gamesmanship, diving, spoilt crying, whining and general all-round cheating and it's time someone was made an example of - and England would seem to me an excellent example to be made.


A major International side getting catapulted out of the world cup would send shockwaves around the world and similar examples would before long help to get shot of this crap that is going on.


What is the point of football if all you can do is cry, dive, whine and roll around like a baby?

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