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  1. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/three_sheets_to_the_wind
  2. Ostrich Man


    good...the fad has passed among some and theyll be selling off vinyl again. time for me to enter the market again.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/alex_zee/status/1304471268406616064
  4. They quickly became that... Their first single meat abstract/punishment kiss and the first album were great though.
  5. Four of us tried to sleep in a mini countryman.. I say sleep I mean sat there tripping to f*** in a downpour. Nirvana were f***ing great it must be said, the live album of it is OK but it will never have the oomph you get there. People who chucked mud at mudhoney were c**** though. And John peel saying this is the most punk thing you'll see all weekend to introduce Therapy?...it wasn't. Yeah.. And ozrics complaining about the levellers being on at same time splitting the crusty vote.
  6. And yet both were excellent... 1992 was a laugh.
  7. yeah...like that will need to be stipulated..
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