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  1. didnt know you were an everton fan
  2. Love when they all start twisting.
  3. beats talking to her I suppose
  4. you aint going nowehere - the byrds here comes sickness - mudhoney touch me Im sick - mudhoney remedy - black crowes# hand in my pocket - alanis morrisette solitude is bliss - tame impala
  5. to be fair it sounds like everything he eats has hot sauce on it.
  6. no matter the stew add brown sauce immediately without tasting. if theres eggs or spuds any where near the plate add salt immediately
  7. your opinion sucks then. potato bread obviously. also a boiled spud sliced up and fried can be a joy
  8. unless youre a paedo or sex offender in general.
  9. beef sausage meat and some green things. I count it as 1 of my 5 a day purely on the name.
  10. lol....but id argue beef sausages have more place in a fry than f***ing beans. and i know im alone in this mostly...or a nice piece of vegetable roll.
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