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  1. oh and cheesy nik naks...i still miss them too.
  2. Ringos were my all time favourite crisp in the late 70s early 80s until they changed to that abomination of an imposter. they used to be a smoother denser texture like walkers french fries though obviously in a ring, then they changed it to what it is now. Im still gutted about it 40 years later.
  3. Ive only watched it the once, its not getting a second chance though its near three hours long and well f*** that.
  4. Heat bored the f*** out of me the only time i watched it....all that w*** about de niro and pacino's scene together. Pacino from about 1990 onward does my f***ing melt in.
  5. I always bring enough nambarrie tea bags to do me as long as the holiday is.
  6. when the beatles went to India Ringo brought suitcases full of tins of beans.
  7. the bit were theyre doing the tasks to stay in school and ferrell dresses as the mascot and tries to leap through the ring of fire made me laugh a lot..
  8. he was involved in some great stuff...The Jerk and Dead men dont wear plaid are just truly hilarious. a quick look on wikipedia and I sae the above were written by reiner, martin and george gipe George Gipes wikipedia entry is interesting. I think he was allergic to bee stings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Gipe saw that in Comedians in cars getting coffee...friendship goals
  9. and reading this ive just realised I didnt see my copy of said album when sorting out my vinyl yesterday. b*****d
  10. Ostrich Man


    Amazon market place is mental...Neil young 2nd hand old ways is going for over £100 and about £20 on ebay and discogs etc. Hope springs eternal. I may sell all the inherited Billy joel albums i have on there for a grand. Who buys 1 Billy Joel anyway never mind five of the f***ers.
  11. Ostrich Man


    Man Liverpool could play a Shankill Butchers invitational 11 and I'd be on the sidelines shouting "come on lenny, get stuck in basher...quick big Sam's free.....Come on you Butchers!" Only thing I've wanted anything to do with Liverpool FC winning things is in the JFT96 campaign.
  12. Ostrich Man


    So I decided to do something constructive and am in the middle of alphabetising my vinyl...1st time my records will be in order and not just random groupings. Also started cleaning the f***ers too. And after God knows how long i cleaned my amp (switches and contacts etc)...was pleased it made a considerable improvement.
  13. Ostrich Man


    Congratulations, the corner was finally turned and for the first time after hearing it for near 30 years it was indeed your year. Well deserved too, clearly the best team in the country at this point. Hope its a one off like but realistically know otherwise. Hope we start to put up a better challenge soon ffs.
  14. Get her a nice funny tshirt to break the tension. What can go wrong?
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