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Challenger watch - PL


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I like to keep a watch on what our rivals are doing, but rely on info from others and have to go their forums. I Thought a single thread to keep up to date on how they are performing, their squads, finances, general news etc would be useful.


Its interesting that we now have the same opening record as the mancs, yet they are still seen as a stronger team. I am hoping the press keep building them up, so they are seen as favourites with a strong squad. Hopefully its November before they realise the truth about the emperors new clothes. Or even september 1 is fine!


as for Arsenal, they were given a bye into the CL group, even with the new draw, so hopefully they are there, or thereabouts this season. (FYI, my rule for this season, is we win it or otherwise anyone but the mancs)


Chelsea look like they will win games regardless of how they play. The Drogba factor is important for them though, if he drops form, it will have an impact.


Both Arsenal and Chelsea will be weakened in the African Cup of Nations, so lets hope we are in a position to capitalise on that.


Anyone know the fixtures between 'the top 4'? That would be good info to have too.

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