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Attacking set pieces


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This thing with corners and indirect free kicks is that its rarely a genuine, world class undefendable ball that gets a goal. A lot of the times its just the attackers winning a simple ball in the air that misses, the goalkeeper, the first defender and the guy 10 yards from you which helps a team score.


Aurelio's supposed to be a set piece genius but doesnt seem to do too well for us when taking a corner or the odd freekick. Surely its not the set piece taker thats the problem but our setup and our squad of players? Usually if teams dont have big men on every part of the pitch, its the centrebacks which take up the mantle. The likes of Terry, Vidic and Ferdinand win f***loads in the opposition box even if the dont score which simply increases their chances of getting one but Carra doesnt even go forward sometimes as he's not a threat? Skrtel's a big lad but doesnt win many in the oppositon area which is funny.


Do we simply need more bodies in the box when going forward and our players to commit to decent balls put in the box or do we need to wait for a genuinely good ball to help us score? IMO, its not our freekick / corner taker but the system we use is the problem although i do think we'll become better once Agger - Skrtel take over from Carra in the years to come.

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