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Benayoun for left midfield


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I've thought about it a lot and Benayoun's form in the 2nd half of last season is the best we've seen from someone in that position for a for a long time. Is it fair to expect that he'd maintain that form this season as well? Because if he does he'll probably be keeping out most left wingers in the world for that position.


He gets goals from wide midfield, plays his best football near the opponents box, has great close control and can spot a middle of the defence splitting short, through pass... something which most of our squad can not. And he FITS in our system as he works really hard and tracks back too, unlike a lot of the wingers out there.


So, my point is whether its a good idea to keep a right footed Benayoun and a left footed Riera in the squad and use most of our budget to get one or two strikers, a centrehalf and a right back? I've seen a bit of Silva and he's never matched the class that Yossi showed since Jan. Is it fair to expect more of the same from Yossi?

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