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  1. Was thinking the same re Thiago and Werner whilst watching the match. You are right about Coutinho as well.
  2. I thought the club was worth much more than that.
  3. Rummenigge full of confidence. He'll be a massive bag of nerves by the time Mickey Edwards is done with him.
  4. I would be happy with Depay. Can cover the front three, Premiership experience, best friends with Gini, last year of his contract.
  5. Swagger

    Welcome VvD

    That is such a brilliant picture. Virgil could have gone to City, more likely on higher wages, knowing he has a greater chance of winning trophies there. But he realised that in choosing Liverpool, in buying into Klopp's project, he has a chance of writing his name down in the history books. That one league win with Liverpool would mean much, much more than several with City. Just two and a half years later, he has already won the biggest trophies in club football, and will forever go down in history books as being one of the major factors in Liverpool winning the league after 30 ye
  6. Swagger


    My eldest is 17. Last night he pointed out to me that I was his age the last time Liverpool won the league.
  7. Whilst there is definitely something suspect regarding Shaqiri's so called injuries this year, it would surely be a mistake to sell him if there is no one coming in.
  8. Quite relaxed about the whole thing. Having complete trust in the manager is ace.
  9. Dembele would be a great addition if Klopp can help him get his mind focused. Agreed with sammy&a though, there would be no bid until everything with the player is pretty much done and dusted.
  10. If Werner comes here, plays no better than 6/10 every game and still manages to score 3 goals every time, then I will be alright with that 😉
  11. Swagger


    This is why ending this season before it is played out makes no sense. The issues that exist now will still most likely exist until next spring. I doubt, for example, that we will see fans in stadiums in 2020. So, if everyone accepts that next season is not going to go ahead as usual, there should be no discussion regarding ending this season prematurely.
  12. Swagger


    I've had an uneasy feeling on this for a number of days, even more so now.
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