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  1. If Werner comes here, plays no better than 6/10 every game and still manages to score 3 goals every time, then I will be alright with that 😉
  2. Swagger


    This is why ending this season before it is played out makes no sense. The issues that exist now will still most likely exist until next spring. I doubt, for example, that we will see fans in stadiums in 2020. So, if everyone accepts that next season is not going to go ahead as usual, there should be no discussion regarding ending this season prematurely.
  3. Swagger


    I've had an uneasy feeling on this for a number of days, even more so now.
  4. Me too. They can prevent fans from entering stadiums but they cannot stop them from congregating outside.
  5. If Henderson isn't fit enough then I hope Milner starts. Need of them on the pitch.
  6. I've got a feeling Real Madrid will knock them out.
  7. Rashford will start. As will Ox. I doubt Klopp would be rushing Fabinho back.
  8. Swagger


    Are they sponsored by Abu Dhabi by any chance? Pep must have been on the phone to the sheikh.
  9. Hahahahahahaha Grizz. Is he still at it? His track record is atrocious.
  10. I remember the press saying that Roma are vastly overpricing Alisson because they were sore that - in retrospect - we paid so little for Salah. He has turned out to be worth every penny, and then some.
  11. How on earth is Solskjaer still there with Pochettino sat home doing nothing?
  12. Very good last night. I used to despair seeing Klopp bring him on, but he has happily proved me wrong, and will definitely have a big part to play this season.
  13. Ornstein is usually sound, but I cannot see Klopp letting Gini go this summer. I am sure we'll see him sign a new deal sooner rather than later.
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