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Good challenge this season; what about next?


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This has been a good season. We have made the mancs work for it, without really being in with a shout, so fair play to the lads. historically, coming close one season normally indicates a strong run in future seasons.


However, is that goingto happen for us? I amconcerned at the rotation of players. For example, will bringing in Barry and a new CB cause disruption? What about selling a player like Alonso or Masch? Will the kids get upset if we bring in another striker, midfielder and defender (reduces chances for Insua, Spearing, San Jose, Darby, Nemeth).


In addition, the mancs and chavs have had poor a season, whereas we have had our best in a while. I Would think next season would be that much tougher.


We have a thread for player signings in the summer, but wanted to discuss the other side of a challenge next season. Remember when we finished 2nd under Houllier? the rest is history...

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