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Aurelio's free kick was planned!


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Full marks to Xavi Valero


From the official site..........


Aurelio scored Liverpool's first goal on the night with an intelligent free-kick from distance that caught Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech off guard and the Brazilian revealed the set-piece routine had been discussed prior to kick-off.


"It was mentioned before the game by our goalkeeping coach Xavi Valero that Cech positions himself early for crosses," explained Aurelio.


"When I stepped-up to take the free-kick, I noticed he was already in a position to wait for a cross, as were the men in the wall, so the space was there to try a shot.


"It was agreed beforehand that we would attempt it because even if the goalkeeper were to save it, he would position himself closer to the goal for the next free-kick and leave our players with more space to attack the cross inside the box.


"Fortunately it came off and was part of a good beginning for us."



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