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  1. Foggy night at Anfield and Liverpool scored. The Kop couldn't see who scored. so chanted 'Who scored the goal, who scored the goal. Ey eyee, adioo. Who scored the goal? The Anny Road replied.... 'Hately scored the goal. Hately scored the goal. Ey eyee, adioo. Hately scored the goal' My dad told me that. True?
  2. I can't see the video but my answer would be to take 'The Hill Street Blues' approach - 'do it to them before they do it to you'
  3. In a meeting and a bloke gave me his card and introduced himself as 'The Head of Visual Thinking' . Yer-wha?
  4. This fella gave a nod for Tartan Snow yesterday and it was backed by quite a few on Betfair at over 230/1 @steeplechasing. He's worth a follow, as he's not one to go overboard on his suggestions and his latest post gives his reasons for his suggestions and how he uses his blog to 'point you in the right direction'. This app looks nifty for the Grand National and other races
  5. Nrmn Cllir dis (taps mike)
  6. Hi AC, In light of this and if you have an email address or contact details for the family , I think an email /letter to them would be in order.
  7. Haha, I see what you did there! Thanks Dus, She did say it was like something from movie when she called me and there were sirens blaring everywhere. I can't comprehend what it must feel like to see something like that happen so close to you, but she seemed remarkably calm in the circumstances The other thing was that she had to spend 2 hours this morning/afternoon with the police giving a full account of what she experienced and saw happen when the crash took place and in the immediate aftermath.
  8. Honestly, she didn't. She knew I was messin' about.....and it did lighten the mood.
  9. My missus was less than a third of the way through the railway tunnel when the crash happened, having walked past the place were it came down about 20 seconds before. She said she heard the helicopter flying low and thought, why's it so low and the then it she heard the crash and the backdraft of heat whoosh through the tunnel and then a car in flames whizzing passed her. She immediately called 999 and when they answered and asked 'what service do you require' she said 'Everything' She called me at about 8.30 and as you'd expect she was really shaken up, telling me the detailed story
  10. Andy Mac

    Sad day today

    Sad news. Sounds as though his life lives on in the memory of many people and that's a blessing
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