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  1. Or he could go to psg if Neymar our mbappe leave
  2. Rashford on about 250 a week too
  3. Unless Utd are offering him that to seal the deal with him and blowing others out the water?
  4. 350,000 reasons a week of reports are to be believed
  5. Such nonsense that and trotted our far too often. Basically saying that unless you have the ball or may get the ball you can do what the hell you like to the opponent.
  6. This is it for me. We’ve been linked with a few left backs of late, the lad mccallum who ended up going to Norwich, Clark who is playing in Holland and a lad playing in France. I guess it depends how ready Klopp thinks Lewis/larouci/Gallacher are. Midfield we’ve been linked with tonali, aouar, soumare and havertz. Also Berge but he ended up at Sheffield Utd. With grujic likely to be sold and Lallana out of contract it kinda makes sense. Then in attack there are the daily links Werner and sancho. A real game changer like one of those who can rotate with the current front three would make a massive difference and would be needed given ACN in Jan/Feb next season No names really banded about for centre back other than Ben white who’s on loan at Leeds from Brighton. All depends on what happens with lovren I guess. Rhys Williams is meant to be doing well on loan but not sure he’ll be ready just yet.
  7. With Williams likelyTo be at right back, that leaves one spot open
  8. Thing is a VAR decision going for/against you doesn’t give a binary change in the outcome of the game
  9. Plus isn’t it fixed for us to win and we’re LiVARpool!?
  10. Alonso

    Joe Gomez

  11. Alex Miller seems to be quoting the daily star so massive pinch of salt needed
  12. Nah reckon he’ll be alright although not before solskjaer tells us he’s no chance of making it!!
  13. Think it’ll be a front 3 with rashford martial and James then a solid midfield 3 of pereira matic Fred who will be instructed to get the ball forward into the channels at the first opportunity. Their back 4 will just defend the 18 yard line
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