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A perfect example of how underated Alonso is...


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Got this of a Villa site earlier today, discussing if Villa should let Barry join Liverpool.


The majority of Villa fans were damning of Barry and his performances recently which seems a shockingly low level of loyalty given the service he's given them, but then these are guys who booed one of their top young players for a couple of bad performances over the course of a season....


Yes I say let the bloke go and taste the fruits of his hard earned labour from all of his Villa park years, he has stuck with us through thick and thin, and now one feels it is definately time for him to go.


On the flip side, I for one would very much like Alonso from the Liverpool to be part of any deal with a good bunch of cash alongside.


What do you think? Give them Alonso and £20 million? That should secure a deal.



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