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In reality this season has seen a huge improvement

Bootle Buck

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Granted we are all disappointed that we have let Utd build what looks to be an unassailable lead in the league. However, lets put this season into perspective.


a. Only beaten twice in games we should have won comfortably


b. We have beaten the two top teams home qnd away and very comfortably at that.


c. Pissed through our CL group with games to play


d. Beat one of the games top teams 5-0 on aggregate in the CL


e. Ended Chelsea's home unbeaten record


f. Clobbered the team being proclaimed as "the greatest ever" 4-1 at home


If we take into consideration we lead the league for long periods while our top scorer has been missing half the season, our inspirational skipper has had injuries and a 20 million pound buy was a flop and our owners continue to be muppets, many of us would have gladly taken this outcome pre-season. We will kick ourselves for dropping points to the likes of Stoke, Hull and Boro, but we can't overlook how much we have improved over last season. Hopefully we can win some silverware to celebrate our improvement.

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