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If you were Rafa

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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assuming the worst & Torres & Arbeloa don't start, how would you play it?


I'd be tempted to play it like an away & hit them on the counter. Maybe even a 4-3-2-1 - dreaded Terry Venables Christmas Tree formation...


With Carra at RB, Sami in the middle & Doss at LB. 3 in front, Xabi, Masch & Aurelio - he can double-up with Doss to help out at LB.


Then Babel, Gerrard & Derek.


That way you go compact when defending - effectively 7 defence minded players plus Reina, but when attacking, Aurelio & Babel can hit the left & right flanks respectively. That means we don't get many bodies in the box though, so Xabi or Masch would have to push up to wait on any balls coming back out


f*** knows

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