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  1. Are people still running while socially isolated? I’ve started taking my kids so they get some exercise also really limiting distance and pace.
  2. Should also try to sign his brother Hughtavious
  3. He wants to wear the iconic creamsicle jersey
  4. New New Pornographers is predictably awesome hook laden power pop.
  5. Pats would never pay what the Raiders offered. Wonder if AB would take a lesser deal
  6. It’s Julio, juju and David Johnson. I’ve hit submit several times but yeah not showing in my roster either
  7. I can only get into mobile site. It’s infuriating
  8. I can’t get to a proper computer before the draft. Leo can you set my keepers for me - Redsandskins? Think I had connor, juju and Julio on that team.
  9. Never mind. See it’s the other NFL league. Now where are the keepers in mobile view. My roster is empty
  10. Which league is drafting tonight?
  11. Sounds good. Hoping I can make at least part of both tonight and tomorrow’s drafts. The auto picker was interesting in flea flicker to say the least
  12. Just rec’d. Was this a keeper league?
  13. excellent callback. Can’t even remember the poster who made that outrageous claim
  14. I’ll be providing my usual cannon fodder
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