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This weekends International Football

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Gives us a chance to regroup and for Torres and Gerrard to get over their injures


the only worry is over Mascherano really and the long flights



We really need him for the manc game too.



I know its a topic that is constantly referred to on these here forums but I really couldnt care less about how Ireland get on tomorrow. I will be supporting Robbie though.

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just watched the 1st half of the U-21 game at Wemberley.


the idiot band is there of course.


what is it that makes these players turn into show ponies once they put on that England shirt? they are trying to play like a team of beckhams, all wanting to step over and play fancy footy when the weather clearly calls for some more direct play.


luckliy the women's tennis is on as a distraction.

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I wish all the qualifiers would be played in the summer or something. I hate the stop-start nature and it's effects on club football.


Would usually agree but if this two weeks allows us to get even one of Stevie or Fernando back for the Mancs, it will have been worthwhile.

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1735: GOAL Slovakia 1-0 Northern Ireland

A free-kick is whipped over the the left, inswinging and dangerous and as the Northern Ireland defenders stand in a line along the six-yard box, Liverpool's Martin Skrtel rises high and flicks a header into the corner of the net.


damn you din!

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Its the players for England. Not as good as the pay packets say.


Obvious to the trained fooballing eye but Fleet St. hacks will be waxing lyrical about the talent of Piggy Rooney etc and how he's being wasted..

How does he get away with it though? Any other player would be getting dissected in the media with his current level of performance.

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