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The Tom Hicks Interview

New York Red

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I hope you leave this thread up because it is worthy of dissection and analysis. It says so much about the mind and atitude of this poisonous man.


I watched it for the first time late last night and had to paly it over. I was horrified at what I saw.


His contempt for the people of Liverpool is totally apparent. He seems to think that he is the benefactor to a city of clueless peasants. Like the plantation owner in the white-pillered "Big House" up on the hill taking care of his slave population. He may be hoping that we say. "but he's a goood massa". It made me want to vomit.


Building a plaza on the site of Anfield so people can hang around and and buy more stuff and drink more overpriced beer? Just like nthis one in Dallas? Please...


Then all of his yap about that arena. Those SSN reporters aren't investigative at all. They are imbiciles. Sent over there with their list of questions that they want answers to as opposed to doing some real research. What about interviewing some Texas Rangers fans? What about some business reporters who know something about how he conducts his business? How about some ex-employees. My God, they are such amateurs.


Then the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Wow. Nice. And what does thta have to do with anything? The same architect? Yes, and????????


But the most cynical and condescending part of it was about the American Airlines Arena. Talk about bending the truth. He doesn't own that. He's a f*cking tenant!!!! The City of Dallas owns it. It may the most profitable arena there is but you know what? The economy isn't too shabby in Dallas. They also have the Dallas Mavericks in there who generate the lions share of that profitability due to the ownership of Mark Cuban. Good marketers for the City have made that place be used so much with concerts etc, not because of the business acumen of that Boss Hogg-looking-motherf*cker.


I could go on and on...


I almost put my foot through the tele.

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I saw it, couldnt stop thinking of some sort of Christmas record


I'm dreaming of a refinanced football club

With every piece of s*** I write

All the debt I'll carry

I'll sack rick parry

And I won't make our rafa go...

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No bloody wonder Smirnoff is one of the worst vodka's going..


As opposed to?


Personally speaking I think the Red label is superior to the sugared up Stoli, Finlandia or Absolut equiv's, if a little boring, and the Black label is very good indeed.

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