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  1. Eskimo


    So sorry to hear this sammy, look after yourself mate.
  2. Eskimo


    Not been on for a few days and haven't got time to go through all new posts but Sammy glad your dad is doing better and to everyone else keep safe..
  3. Eskimo


    Thanks for the messages guys... big thumbs up! Hugged it out with the od fella and shed a few tears but he seems to have taken it better than expected which I guess a relief of sorts. Miss E gone up to the hospital for a visit and speak to docs but I thinks its now a case of day by day. Tried picking up some shopping for him earlier and feck me its grim out there, people me included, wondering aimlessly around staring at empty shelves. Being rural I though we would largely escape it but no, thankfully we have a farm shop not to far which had some essentials so small mercies. Also must have passed a dozen caravans/campers steaming down the A31 I assume Devon/Cornwall bound - looking to escape I guess...
  4. Eskimo


    Thanks mate, have to go round to the old fellas now cant say I'm looking forward to it.. Thanks guys
  5. Eskimo


    Follow up CT/MRI scans on my partners mum confirmed the brain tumor and have also picked up two growths in her bowel, doctor saying weeks/month. Cant describe it here its so fecked up.. keep safe everyone
  6. Eskimo


    Cheers Gethin, that's it under normal circumstances it's a scary situation but this takes it to another level almost too much to take in. Glad yer FIL is doing well. Cheers Tommo and Murph keep safe mate there's few case around Christchurch now.
  7. Eskimo


    Cheers fella and glad to hear you are feeling better.. Cheers Des will do mate
  8. Eskimo


    Cheers SR, Dan all I can really do is be here for the missus..
  9. Eskimo


    Don't really post personal stuff on here but here goes. My partners mum suffered a stroke/bleed on the brain last month, that night it wasn't looking good but by morning she was awake and miraculously all there, much to the doctors surprise. Anyway four days later she was good to go home, there was nothing more they could do for her at the hospital. Home care was arranged and all was looking pretty rosy considering until last Friday when she took a turn for the worse. She was already booked in for a follow-up scan last night, due to the bleed they couldn't get a clear picture first time round, they called a couple of hours ago confirming that they have found a tumor and she's been kept in awaiting further tests but given her age and other factors the prognosis doesn't look good but were keeping our fingers crossed, she's a tough old bird!! We have been pretty much in lockdown mode over the last couple of weeks so as we could go over every other day to check up on her and keep things ticking along as well as looking after the old fella, he's 80. Long and short due to his age he's not allowed to visit her in hospital and we are dreading catching it as it means she will have no visitors when she most needs us.. fecking c***ing virus
  10. Eskimo


    That's awful BoboS, sorry for your loss...
  11. Eskimo


    Must be tens of thousands in self isolation and it will only get worse so no surprise they are struggling with orders... As Des said if you are ok go to the supermarket yourself.
  12. Must be close, I've been in Dorset for 9 years...
  13. Eskimo


    Sorry £44k that's s***... Feel guilty about the previous post to yours now - was trying to bring some cheer..
  14. it seemed like a break glass in case of emergency moment at the time.... and now it fecking feels great!!
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