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Next Summer and Our New Financial Position

New York Red

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I'm praying that we don't turn into some crass outfit like Chelsea where we just buy too many players and pay too much for them. I can't see that happening to be honest, but we will be in a very different place to where we have been in the past.


For instance, it's not just a case of us being able to spend 30 million on a player. I hope there aren't too many of those anyway. But, it will be nice to be able to spend 15 million on a good player and it not to be much of a problem. But, we can also now attract players like Michael Ballack who we can get for no fee but will pay them higher wages to attract them.


The exercise is this though. We all love our team and we have different priorities as to what we want to win; Premier League, Champions League or whatever. The fact is that we jsut don't have the squad to win the Premier League presently and we have to make some very tough decisions to get us up to the level where we can pose a real challenge and actually win it.


There will be some really good players that we'll need to get rid of, but there will some really great players who we'll get to radically improve the squad.


For instance, I think Ballack would have been a great acquisition for us if we'd had the money last summer. Huntlaar may well be the hottest striker in Europe by the summer and could be the guy to get. Hargreaves may be allowed to leave Bayern and could cost 20 million.


But, the other side of the coin is who do we get rid of? Do we get rid of Xabi? Does Crouch and Bellamy get sold? Do we finally cut the cord with Sami? Is Carra untouchable any more? Do we relagate Riise premanently to the bench?


What scenarios can you envision with comings and goings?

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