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  1. He was though, at one point Leno was rated pretty much on the same level as ter Stegen, they where meant to be the future of German goalkeeping. But whereas ter Stegen moved on to prove himself and became one of the very best in europe, Leno stayed and got very, very comfortable in Leverkusen. He's a good goalie who's stagnated the last couple years.
  2. it's their head of scouting that is ex Dortmund, Sven Mislintat, but he would of course know Buvac well.
  3. Raphael Hongstein I'm guessing was just reiterrating things from his book,like where Mainz' director Christian Heidl spoke about how they'd fall out all the time cos both where hot headed and that Buvac would often storm out, but 5 mins later, they'd be back together again. It never involved going on gardening leave! Whatever this is, it's way beyond that.
  4. As is Bobby Firmino, in fact, I love that Bobby is pointing at the goal and gesturing to Mo to shoot it!
  5. Normally I'd agree with ya, that bashing a player is not necessary. But with Moreno, I honestly don't care, cos he shouldn't even be here, he should have been ousted season before last. He's damn lucky that Jürgen Klopp is the most patient manager in the world. But the thing is, he doesn't even get that he's lucky, he's so dim he thinks he's somehow the one who was hard done by cos he was dropped for a whole season. Anyway, carry on! Oh, and Robbo is great. Another superb signing by the boss.
  6. I don't think that is an issue, he had some nice things to say about how Klopp helped him, but he also didn't like the slightly manic style of football quite as much as he liked the slower possession based pass pass pass pass (x1000) style of Tuchel! Plus it sounds like he could be going to Arsenal.
  7. Maybe it's part of the agrement, although you'd think his head would be all over the place at this point if he knows he's leaving! It's a massive game for RBL too. Even the distraction wouldn't help.
  8. It's happening! Well, according to all the German twitterers on the Twitter. Naby playing his last game tomorrow for RBL vs Schalke 04.
  9. Benitez


    It's s*** behaviour, but not exactly a surpise after how he went about things in the summer, with the timing of his 'injury' and transfer request right before the CL qualifiers. As for Brazil, I don't think he'd lose out on the WC whatever happened, they are not dropping their 2nd biggest star and best player alongside Naymar.
  10. Benitez


    Yes, he said: The club was fighting till the last second, tried really everything. What we could have done of course was say ‘look here’s your contract and you have to stay here’, and to use him as a player in the 2nd part of the season and that was a decision I had to make. And do I think I can use him still, he can help us still, to be honest, it was 100% clear - no chance. He was not ready to do that anymore.
  11. BBC seem to have spoken to somone at RBL, and are reporting that there has been no change regards the Keita deal yet: http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42649775 RB Leipzig have told BBC Sport they have no intention of allowing Liverpool to complete the signing of midfielder Naby Keita before the summer. Last August, the Reds agreed to pay £51m for the 22-year-old Guinea international, who will join in July. Reports this week claimed Leipzig would accept an extra payment of about £15m if Liverpool wanted Keita in January. However, the German club said: "There is nothing new about this situa
  12. Not a huge amount, I think he's just been back in training recently, he's missed a fair few games due to a shin injury. He had a stress fracture which he came back form, but then had some flair up, and hasn't played a lot since.
  13. Benitez


    more likely to be PR rubbish from Barcelona cos they've spent such an insane amount on him, making out their one rival where willing to pay even more, but he didn't want to go there.
  14. Benitez


    so he breaks a 'pact' by saying it anyway. Yeah, that's a load of b******s. He's got someone to appease.
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