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Rafa's primary selection headache

Rory Fitzgerald

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Maybe its too simplistic to say Sissoko but rather the trio of Sissoko, Alonso and Gerrard. Also I would like to recognise that the reliable 'horses for courses' response would kill the topic and request some consideration. ;)


For example, if we play Chelsea away[ or Sheffield Utd at home, Reina will start along with Carragher, Finnan and Hyypia whilst we would all agree that Gerrard and Alonso would also play. However some might say that Momo would play vs Chelsea but we would be more attacking without him at home to 'less-than-attacking' teams.


Personally, I think the pairing of Alonso and Sissoko was highly effective and the role afforded to Gerrard on the right allowed him more attacking freedom hence his amazing goal tally. Now - I think Sissoko is improving even further and his energy is hugely influential in our play (in my opinion) with the result that we cant just brush him aside and say 'Gerrard and Alonso in the center with Pennant out on the right'.


Do you think Rafa has a headache in trying to formulate a way for Gerrard, Sissoko and Alonso to play together ? Do you think that this is Rafa's biggest problem in trying to solve this or is it more cut and dried than that. :hmm:

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