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  1. So you dont think lying to bascombe telling him klinsman was still being consulted on transfers is not trying to f'ck the club up ? What about all the other sh'te that bascombe has been briefed with the last six months Who do you think ACTUALLY leaked that letter to parry then ?? Do you think it was hicks or someone at liverpool FC (parrys office, moores etc) ? Think about it logically who gets the most out of it being leaked ? Hicks is a t***, you will not get any arguments from me on that but gillet is worse parry and moores and just a pair of incompetent f'ckin fools who have made f'ck up after f'ck up they are all tw'ats eskimo, all of them
  2. Why is he speaking so confidentally of the future with liverpool then in that interview with the daily mail on sunday ?? I cant understand for the life of me why someone who knows they are not going to get finance would speak like that
  3. you WAKE UP F'ckin gillet is the slyest t*** out of the lot of them. Do you know what, I am glad the big daft texan f'cker is stupid and brash, because if he was not we would not have known that gillet and rick parry set a meeting up to replace our manager with jurgen klinsman would we Perfect world f'ck them ALL off - real world hicks is not selling so the only solution that does not see liverpool implode is hicks getting 100%
  4. How do you know that ? Is there any links etc to articles backing this up
  5. How do you know ? He must be drunk every time he gives interviews then because I get the impression he is the only one who is actually talking/planning about the future at liverpool Sorry I just dont buy this theory, if that where the case he would be much less active in clubs affairs, similar to what gillet has been. To me it looks like he is actively planning for a long term ownership of Liverpool However much this does peoples heads in, as coco said you only sell the family silver once. The only solution that will not tear liverpool to peices is hicks getting the money for gillets shares
  6. It is not going to happen I can not for the life of me understand why people can not see that Hicks is NOT going to sell He is not - he is definately not going to sell, at least not in the short term. There is not a cat in hells chance.
  7. Not going to happen Hicks is NOT going to sell The only accepetable outcome is gillet 100% in charge - otherwise we are completely f'cked, we will lose the manager and perhaps some of our top players I kid you not, this has reached absolute crisis point now this and I would rather go forward with hicks as sole owner than carry on like this praying for DIC to buy us while the club tears itself to peices
  8. The story about hicks apparently 'leaking' rafa's transfer plans was ran by bascombe its the latest in a long line of negative articles by him in the NOTW and he has been getting the info off parry or moores There is no evidence to back this up, none at all and this seems to me like tha desperate act of a man who knows he is about to be exposed for the slimy little f'ckin backstabbing moron that he is £500,000 he made from going with gillets offer AND more importantly HE kept his job The sly t*** should be sacked for advising moores on this deal in the first place, let alone the dozens of other f'ck ups he has been involved in He is not good enough, he has had ten years and has not delivered, his final f'ck up has backfired on him because the dog he allowed in has turned round and bit him Cant stand the man, same goes for moores "I didnt really know Mr Hicks" the pair of incompetent f'ckin half wits are the reason we are in this mess, not tom hicks, these two sold to gillet and hicks and got us into this mess Get rid of parry and sell the shares to hicks and lets move on with one owner. Get rid of that sly b'astard gillet, get rid of parry, get rid of moores. F'ckin incompetent morons the lot of them - that is the only solution that will not involve the club going into complete meltdown this summer. We end up with the other sly t*** hicks but at least we have one owner and the club is not tearing itself to peices
  9. there is no demo or board meeting at anfield, I have just driven past it and had a look No cars at all there and no sign of life, also no one (at least at the anfield road end) making a protest
  10. either way mate they need to have a f'ckin look at themselves. seriously if hicks wont sell are they prepared to destroy lfc, cost us our manager and maybe some of our best players ? im starting to think that the only thing that will save us from utter catasrophe this summer is if hicks gets the money and buys us seriously, as mad as that sounds i can not see another way out, hicks is NOT going to sell its a nightmare
  11. Listen i'm bleedin telling yeh, in your blind hatred for all things tom hicks you need to have a f'ckin long, hard look at what gillet and parry are doing here Bascombes story that has set benitez off and could see him walking out has been leaked by parry, all bascobe's f'ckin stuff has been coming from parry
  12. more from the echo http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverp...64375-20753608/ Apparently its all in gillets hands now and 'sources' expect him to begin negotiations with hicks to allow him a dignified exit Please god let good old georgie boy convince the fat t*** into selling to DIC ....
  13. Superman returns Sh'te 1/10 Its just a stupid love story that goes on way to long How on earth can they mess superman up for god sake. Clueless tw'ats
  14. Apparently the first parry heard of this was when one of his family called him after seeing it on sky sports news Incredible, absolutely f'ckin incredible. What on earth is tom hicks thinking, what is he trying to acheive.
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