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haha deluded mancs

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I am loving this Van Nistelrooy leaving for a bargain and them buying Carrick for a daft amount when Spurs get the better player to replace him for much cheaper... fair play Jol.


Anyway, the mancs I have spoken to about Horse leaving are saying things like he fell out with Ferige, theres no place for troublemakers... Fergie knows best etc etc... So now its Stam, Keane, Beckham and Van Nistelrooy who have left surrounding fallings out with Fergie... so at what point can the finger be pointed at the manager? Yes he's been a great manager over the years and its great to see such a challenge at the top of the table these last few years, and Liverpool achieving much more than they have this century thus far, but how long can Manc fans accept whats going on at their club? If it were happening at Liverpool I would be deeply concerned, of course I am not saying all Manc fans feel this way, but from what I have seen on some forums it seems to be the majority saying 'believe in the manager etc etc'...


some quality quotes on Redcafe trying to justify Horsey leaving, saying how its been clear the last two years that Ruud is on the decline, and that before he left he was Mancs 3rd best striker :wacko: This is the same player who even though fell out with the manager and was dropped to the bench for a long time, he still was one of the top strikers in the league... Very hard to replace... Especially hard for the likes of a manager who makes one half decent signing every four years.


Another thing... their greatest asset is Rooney. Hes won a worthington cup medal with them, thats it.. If I were a gambling man I would put a lot of money on Rooney being at Barca or Madrid next summer.

Am fed up of manc fans seemingly ignorant to their own problems and just ask about 'oooh do you think Gerrard will stay much longer, or Alonso will leave etc', why should they leave? they are at the greatest club in the world and arguably the most successful over the last few years... something the mancs haven't been... they seem to think that playing for Man U is enough for a player, maybe for a fan of the club, but Rooney who is arguably driven by his girlfriend as much as he is his advisors won't be satisfied with winning f*** all for another year...



am slightly pissed so its waffled a bit, but its just exciting to see how the Mancs wil ltry and claw their way out of this one.

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