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  1. Dammit all that way to lose by one point, at least I’m in the best of company - Kopthis
  2. Thanks working now, must have been a temporary server thing
  3. For some reason I cannot find this league... Is it closed?
  4. First weekend Head-to-Head Myself v Cobs NMach v DaveG Chris v Macca Dpd v Wayne Good luck
  5. For the Boxing Day round they drop it to 6
  6. Closest I got last year was 4, so not something I have to worry about haha
  7. Not exactly a sales pitch, more of an FYI SuperBru pays cash prizes every time you pick 7 or more exact scores in the round (£1000 for 7 picks) In addition to the worldwide leaderboard, there will be a pool leaderboard Each round your picks will be up against one other member of the pool in head to head competition- adds a bit of extra spice
  8. https://www.superbru.com/home/about.phpI can't find any mention of them, which they would if they were involved They started out running a competition for the Super12 rugby and now have competitions for just about every sport you would want
  9. Come play English Premier League Predictor with me on Superbru! It's free. Just click here: https://www.superbru.com/premierleague_predictor/pool.php?p=11733454 Pool name: YNWA.TV Pool code: huskdiva They offer cash prizes if you're good enough to pick 7 exact scores or more each round, (in my dreams!)
  10. https://www.superbru.com/premierleague_predictor/play_tipping.php DaveG set up the mini-league last season, not sure if he's signed up again for this season
  11. There's the one by SuperBru that a few of us started last season, I'm signed up again this season if the mini-league is going to run again
  12. Not showing up in a search, have you set it to private? My player name is Kopthis
  13. There's also one on SuperBru, weekly prizes if your unbelievably lucky and pick 7 or more exact scores You can pick all 38 weeks if you like
  14. Is there another score predictor instead of talksport?
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