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Friends and family etc. (Anfield this and every season)

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Trying to get my head around this, does anybody have insight or remembers any discussions between the club, supporters groups etc. on what the future holds and what they rare hoping for?


You can now register up to 10 family/friends to take your ST if you can't make the game. To register you simply give name, postcode and mobile number. The really crafty/clever bit, to be nominated the person has to be a club member which means every single person on that list pays £40 a year for the privilege, nice revenue for doing nothing extra, played.....

The fact mobile numbers are required tells me that we will be using an app to get through the turnstile from this season, has anybody heard this and is it only the app on your phone or will they make arrangements for the very few ST holders who don't use a smart phone.


There were discussions with fans groups and journos I know, I recall the club's sole motive was to stop touting (good obviously) and to make sure they know who is in the ground. The truth is, if they did a spot check on everybody on match day I'd be surprised if more than 75% of ST's are in the right hands, this exercise could flush a lot of people out, it's absolutely what happens with clubs like ours but are people getting concerned they might lose their access?


There are undoubtedly ST holders who are actually dead, plenty are old and unable to get to the match, loads living abroad perhaps temporarily lots of families sharing tickets, what if the old fella in the group dies, do they take the ST away or allow a family member to take it over? What if (ahem) a father put his son's name down when he was small and in fact the lad has no interest but his brother has been using the ticket for years, the question is, are they looking for trouble or is there likely to be a one off armistice? 

Maybe nobody knows anything but I can't believe this hasn't been discussed at length by the club and fan representatives, I'm completely in the dark as to what is going to happen. If I keeled over tomorrow my son would have nobody to go with if my ticket then had to be surrendered, bearing in mind we live 200 miles away.


Not looking for any sympathy here by the way, just want to know if anybody knows what the grand plan is ultimately and how generations of Liverpool supporters are likely to be treated going forward.


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