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Welcome Javier Manquillo

David Hodgson

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Me Tonto Kimosabi

Me go and catchee baldy Roonee

Find him by the shady water

Deep within Apache forest

Find him scalp him eat him up for breakfast

Real good friend to Kimosabi

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agree basically that at his best johnson's an asset. but would say he's had an issue with consistency for whatever reasons throughout his time here, to one extent or another. there were periods last season where he was influential. but hard to accomodate big dips.


there's been a few in that category where they have slumps or their level drops below what's really acceptable a few too many times a season.


by same token flanno has had a strong 6 months, basically, and not all that much beforehand.


think manquillo will have quality. be more a question of how he adapts to physicality of it. same with moreno if he comes. at least both look decent athletes, as much as you can say that from the clips.

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Doubt he's better than Flanno, never mind Jonno

But best of luck to him and all that


Hey you, dream maker, make us dream and that !


But yes, the chances of a reserve (for anyone), whom they're prepared to let go for buttons, is probability wise very unlikely to go on to hold down the Liverpool right back position for the next 10 years

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Johnson on form is the best right back in the league.

He just hasn't shown that form for about 24 months.

Don't think his poor performances are form related. He seems to have no enthusiasm left. One thing is that he doesn't seem to know what to do with the ball when he's got it, but another is that he doesn't even seem to care.


I wonder why, and if it could be 'fixed'.

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It's close to midnight and something brutal's lurking on the right

Under the floodlights you see fullback endeavours made of s****

You try to scream but Johnson's playing and Martin won't make it

You start to freeze as Flafu on the bench looks to the skies

He's paralyzed


Bring on Manquillo, on the right

Glen Johnson won't stop crosses and won't tackle or get tight

Javi Manquillo, on the right

We're fighting for our lives to find some fullback, fullback delight

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