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so, like i said


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until alonso is replaced and if you want 3 points at spurs.

as soon as he went back there we were significantly better and started to take control of proceedings. benayoun then came on and he started to find him again and again. it also provided the outlet for the centre halves and the aimless carragher hoof, which is, of course, why alonso would always take the ball from him. it also gives them further protection.

we had far more penetration with gerrard 10 yards further back providing dynamism from the middle and moving the ball quickly, combining with the excellent benayoun - all completely as predicted.

lucas did nothing wrong, but he offers no more than hard work and a 5 yard have it back pass which is fine, but not as the fulcrum for your game . spurs were completely in control because they controlled the midfield, something which rafa is obsessed with.


also, perhaps the foolish notion of many on this forum that you can't have another top striker because it breaks up the 'torres/gerrard' partnership has been put to bed. yesterday proved exactly why, even without injuries to either of them. the depth of quality of our bench was shocking, we simply have to buy another quality striker and centre half this window.

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