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  1. RedHarvest


    Champions again, we're the greatest
  2. The Hendersons Will All Be There Join Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson as he helps his mam and his auntie Pat organise, via Zoom, an extended family get together "for after, when all this s***e is over Jordan love" Naby Gabba Hey Keita joins a Ramones tribute band
  3. RedHarvest


    City should sic their army of lawyers on VAR while they're at it, might win them back a bit of sympathy from outraged pundits and punters
  4. Herzogs Nosferatu soundtrack by Popol Vuh is amazing
  5. Very sad. I met him once, really sweet guy
  6. No doubt, yet it seems entirely plausible that it gets gummed up in numerous and drawn out bulls*** legal appeals
  7. Looks like the blue moon meltdown is gonna be the only pleasure we get from this It's money vs money, and oil money is the biggest, most aggressive money there is https://boltfromtheblue.live/2020/02/15/manxit-uefas-huge-gamble-to-drop-the-atomic-bomb/?fbclid=IwAR2SEHWxWR8HNAMcsbtxg-1IPM6lmDxo_EyLiNoj6QgvJrVSUJv_BxaZFug
  8. Love this bit: Mourinho has had some past success in nullifying the threat of Salah. Alas, leaving him on the bench at Stamford Bridge for a year and then sending him on loan to Fiorentina is no longer a viable option.
  9. It's staggering when you see it laid out like that Just the quick corner v Barca would be enough to immortalise him for us. Now, together with this squad and manager his potential ceiling is scary
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/LucasLeiva87/status/1210550088063283200
  11. In terms of player motivation and understanding roles within a system I think he's taken the game to a different level I reckon his secret lies in his assessment of character. Somehow I doubt he'd sign any ready-made superstar/galactico types
  12. Schmeichel did pretty well when Mo tried to take it around him And the other good chance where it broke to him around the peno spot and he skied it Another day he puts both of them away, but like any great striker he was right there, and contributed to the the build up for all our chances 7/10 is about right It's like with Trent, in our system what he does is new and innovative, he's a winger who scores strikers goals We forget that sometimes while kvetching on his missed chances
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