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  1. This is not transfer news, Klopp is looking for a hitman to take out Richiarlson and Pickford
  2. I was playing FIFA21 on my sons switch, us v City - Bobby's still got it! Ran the show. Class is permanent
  3. Whatever percentage Alisson is a better keeper than Adrian is how much more likely it is he would've saved those 2 Everton goals Not to mention the confidence the defence have in him to use as sweeper and play out Also Adrian is playing with fear, further degrading his confidence and whatever talent caused us to scout and sign him in the first place. All that performative shouting and "come on lads" he was doing yesterday was annoying in the extreme
  4. I dont know anything about other available keepers but Adrian is a disastrous liability, his head is gone, he's Karius'd. I think if Alisson is gonna be out for another 2 or 3 games Klopp will be wrong not to get someone else in Those chances fluffed by Calvert Lewin and Richiarlson in the 2nd half, he never had them covered. Makes me angry how s*** he is, we deserve better even as back up
  5. Whoever delivered him that ball skewed it low and to the right Get rid
  6. We're not buying an emergency no 2 keeper Klopp is going to have to get better performances out of Adrian plus the entire team defensively And we are going to have to pray that Adrian isn't totally Karius'd psychologically, and that the management are over stating Alissons recovery time
  7. Depressed today That was a perfect storm of deficiencies from us Adrian, it's obvious since Atletico hes another Mig/Karius, a liability and should've been replaced Gomez was rotten. I think the management team are culpable in not fixing this earlier by taking him off at ht, moving Fab back and adjusting the high line I think Bobby has been lukewarm for a while but he really looks exposed without Mane to play off. Jota was just ok there but it'll be a while before he, or anyone, can seamlessly slot into the front 3 without too much of a drop off Overall I think no crow
  8. Reading that bit about set pieces gave me a horrible flashback to the Rodgers era when almost every one used to give me that feeling of sick despair- if it was ours it would amount to precisely jack s***, if it was a corner or fk to the oppo it was an inevitable goal Thank f*** for Klopp
  9. RedHarvest


    Champions again, we're the greatest
  10. The Hendersons Will All Be There Join Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson as he helps his mam and his auntie Pat organise, via Zoom, an extended family get together "for after, when all this s***e is over Jordan love" Naby Gabba Hey Keita joins a Ramones tribute band
  11. RedHarvest


    City should sic their army of lawyers on VAR while they're at it, might win them back a bit of sympathy from outraged pundits and punters
  12. Herzogs Nosferatu soundtrack by Popol Vuh is amazing
  13. Very sad. I met him once, really sweet guy
  14. No doubt, yet it seems entirely plausible that it gets gummed up in numerous and drawn out bulls*** legal appeals
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