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I'd love to believe this was true


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Got sent this by a mate (he's a Blackburn fan, so not really bothered about us or the mancs). Undoubtedly nonsense but we can hope...




A person I am told who is normally in the know for all things Man Utd has posted the following revalations about the red half of Manchester. Very interesting if true.


Vidic isn't injured, he is in fact in the process of being sold to either AC Milan or Barcelona for £55 million and that is the reason he has been withdrawn "injured" for two weeks.

He has caved in to pressure from his missus and although United have offered to up his salary by £30K he has said no.

He is apparently due to be sold as soon as we secure his replacement, an as yet unnamed 6'4 Dutch centre half...


It gets worse...


We were 60 days from administration, £60 million of the £80 million we got for Ronnie has gone on the debt, up to 15000 ST holders haven't renewed and although there is a 20,000 waiting list, very few have taken up the offer of an ST.

Fergie has been given the job of releasing assets for top price (Vidic, Ronaldo etc) and to win the league using youth players and/or cheap acquisitions and United are in the process of massive cost cutting to pay off sums we currently can't afford.

He is also being pressured to buy players on the cheap now and sell at profit in the coming years for the forseeable future to service the repayments on the debt.

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