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  1. I agree with this. It all adds up.
  2. he's got to defend the "dirty Argentinean defender" reputation.
  3. I think its crap, obviously we're definitely experimenting a bit too much, AB needs to come in at 3 and another batsman please. Also FAF is seriously out of nick. Credit to England for good, professional performances so far in series.
  4. We could do with him right now. Knows where the goal is...
  5. Riise has a lot to answer for....
  6. Coates instead, monster overhead volleys and more physicality than Carroll every week.
  7. Plus 1. I would also have Stevie G never again take a corner and be in the box instead..
  8. if, as reported in the Guardian, the Drog is to be sold from China, we should be in there. Hopefully he can beat some nous into Andy Carroll in training.
  9. That left footed shot should have squeezed in. Top performance today. When Skrtel hit the backpass, I thought it was Jonjo for a second.
  10. back to the number 1 rating. Unbelievable that the balance pretty much rested on the form of Michell Johnson. He was well nigh unplayable in Aus in 2008 and then in SA 2009 (plus scoring runs for fun), where if we won we would have gone top. Then got injured and was poo in subsequent Ashes series.
  11. Yeah, broad pretty much came out as Malfoy, just not as gifted.
  12. Was this the party line when Trott was averaging 80?
  13. Yeah, that's what it felt like playing the Aussies when they were good. Always seemed to drop bloody Ponting and away they went. Top series, gripping right to the end there, was secretly hoping for Prior to be out stumped. And glad that Vern got onto the Lord's honours board. Go Tygerberg!
  14. The spirit of Javed Aktar is alive! Glad Vern has finally shown his mettle with the bat, we really needed that. Will be keen to see how our bowlers go on this pitch. But looks like we'll be nailbiting all test long..
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