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Urban Legends- MYth or true?


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There have been some stories which have become fact and I thought as a summer treat, we could list them and those who know for a fact, can confirm which are true and which are not.


THese are ones I think I believe:


1. Liverpool were set to sign Essien for 3.5mil in Houlliers last year, but the board cancelled it. The player apparantly came to anfield and everything.


2. The year we missed out the CL to leeds, we also missed out on Zidane because of it. Had we qualified ahead of leeds, we would have got Zidance


3. The russian was looking for a club that summer, and had we finished ahead of them, we would now be the russian's toy instead.


4. Curbishley was a real candidate for the club after Houllier


5. Parry signed Keane because of history they had


6. We turned down Mourinho and selected Benitez instead, and that is why he is bitter.


7. Ronaldo was actually coming to us until the mancs offered triple the fee we had agreed.



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