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  1. fh


    Not one for making up songs usually but who has seen the Lego Movie? Daniel is awesome Daniel is cool and he's part of our team Daniel is awesome Making us dream I know, I know, but......
  2. There is no way that Werner wouldn't recognize a spoofer like Hodgson. Los Angeles and the TV business, where he made his money, is chock full of them. And a lot of them much cleverer with their bulls*** than RFH.
  3. 24th May. Think he'll somehow muddle on til then. Unfortunately
  4. He's taught me that superstitions like wearing the lucky knickers are pointless
  5. About ten years ago a mate of mine was at a series of discussions between the clubs about a groundshare. But Everton had no money and wanted us to pay for the whole stadium, so that they would in essence be our tenants. But they didn't want anyone - in particular their supporters - to know about this. We of course said no. I can't see that much has changed - it's not like the bluenoses have come into a load of cash, is it?
  6. 1. N/A 2. Never buy merchandise at ground, not sure how else to target sponsors 3. Too frail to barricade anything but would help with organization 4. ST already paid for but am boycotting cup games
  7. Time for someone to say, "Gimme eat..... Give everybody eat...."
  8. Actually, by the time of the sale, Burns no longer worked at Granada and was on the board independently, appointed by Moores. Granada had another representative, John Cresswell.
  9. His abusiveness fits in with stuff I've heard about the drunken way he and his mates have behaved in the director's box lounge area after games.
  10. She's a Liverpool fan - used to see her at the games in the 70s
  11. fh

    Pepe Reina

    I love him so m uch I named my dog after him
  12. I know a bloke who was involved in a lot of the discussions about the Parry bowl and he always said the major reason not to expand Anfield was the loss of short term income due to having reduced capacity while the work was carried out. Oh, and he also said that Everton wanted to share but they had no money and so tried to persuade us to pay for it, then rent it to them but pretend they part-owned it....
  13. Think there's another problem with Ged - it's hard to think of a player he bought who he then improved. Whereas with Rafa, we expect improvement in new players once he gets hold of them and starts working on them and are disappointed if it doesn't happen.
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