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this made me laugh

anny road

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Mark Lawrenson was being interviewed on LFC and he told a story about when we beat Dynamo Bucharest in the Semi in 84......and we went out and beat them 3-1........brilliant performance......when they got back in the dressing room, Joe Fagan was playing it down saying "it was just another game, yes we are in the final but we havn't won anything yet...", trying to keep there feet on the floor....


then suddenly in walked Bobby Robson. manager of England at the time and had Romania in there group so was there scouting....."Thats the best away performance I have ever ever seen in a European tie...absolutley unbelievable".....


He said Joe was just looking at him, shaking his head


made me laugh as you can hear robson saying it, and imagine the look on Joe's face



I have a story about that game.....it was played at ha;f term and it was a wierd kick off (middle of the afternoon) if anyone remembers....anyway...I had been asking this bird from my school out for weeks...Justine her name was...anyway....she relented and agreed to go to the cinema, but that was the only day she could go....I had assumed the match would be a night kick off and it was only the day before when i realised it wasnt......Anyway, i decided to go to the pictures, but took my radio walkman with me and kept nipping tot he bogs to listen to Radio City......


I must have been there a while at one point...cause when I got back to my seat the pictures were empty, and when I got outside she was at the bus stop crying


we never went out again

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