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  1. StevieC


    Not bad for a lad with a dodgy gait...
  2. StevieC


    The way they're cancelling flights now you'll be on your Larry and she'll be enjoying Milan for a while. I went through Logan yesterday and the International terminal was deserted.
  3. WTF would Gini be going anywhere (as has been suggested above)? He’s a relatively unsung hero in this team.
  4. StevieC

    The boxing

    Ortiz is the only other fighter of note he’s ever been near. And he was more or less about to draw his pension.
  5. <NYR>Didn’t his complexion put her off? </NYR>
  6. Nah. Just strip them of all titles/trophies. Including the Charity Shield.
  7. That Newcastle right back has to be one of the worst players this league has ever seen. Not just s***. Lazy with it.
  8. Been said before but it’s another example of a routine chance where a player would normally just put it away - but it’s Liverpool and Allisson - so they think too much.
  9. Levy will find an angle... Jokes aside, their potential liabilities if this is proven beyond doubt could be huge.
  10. StevieC

    The rugby

    Them not willing to open up the books suggest Man City levels of financial doping.
  11. StevieC

    Welcome VvD

    Given he’s pretty tasty at free kicks, he doesn’t seem to get too many chances for a pop.
  12. Watching De Gea for Firminho’s disallowed effort - he stays down as if hurt initially. Gets up to get beaten by the shot. Momentarily stays down again. Then gets up apparently now unhurt to go off at the ref like an exocet. That s***housery alone should have warranted the goal standing. Pawson could have sent the prick off. Masch got a straight red for less at OT once. The climate of respect must have changed again...
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