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Sick and tired


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Over the last few weeks / months i am sick and tired of the negative image of our club in the press, with fans of other teams and even our own fans.


According to some, we have thrown away the league, play negative Football and are awful to watch. I know things could and should be better but they could also be a lot worse.


Since 2000 i have witnessed, The Best ever UEFA Cup Final, The Best ever FA Cup Final and The Best ever European Cup Final. Many great games at Anfield, albeit many of them European games. I for one have enjoyed most of my frequent visits to support our great team.


Would i rather watch Chelsea when they were boring their way to the League under The Special One, Arsenal and their "1-0 to the Arsenal" explains how they played for years. I know they have both had very good teams in the last few years but i still would not swap my last 40 years of following Liverpool.


Utd have had a great last 10 years (I know it hurts), I hope it comes to an end soon and we are in a position to challenge.


RAFA has brought us on tremendously over the last 4 years and we are easily as good as Chelsea and Arsenal, some would say as good as Utd. We should be closer in the League but what many do not realise is that they went on a run of 12 winning games and overtook us at the top of the league. Most teams would have had at least 1 draw possibly 2 within that period, if that were the case we would be within a few points of them.


We have drawn games we should have won and they have won games they should have drawn.

If only we could get behind the team for the last 10 games, we are closer than we ever have been and need one last push to see where it takes us.


We play good football and entertain when we are confident and our best players fit and on form, the same as any other team. I hope those who say we will never win the League under RAFA are proved wrong. RAFA is a special Manager and loves Liverpool, I expect rubbish in the papers and ill feeling from fans of other teams but not from our own.


Support the team or else move aside and let someone else in, don't boo your own players and remember the Liverpool traditions.


The Liverpool Way.

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