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Even with full control of transfers and a blank chequebook....


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I am going to get a bashing from the pro Rafa brigade here on the basis of the title of the thread, but please hear me out, this is not an anti Rafa rant.


Let me start by saying that our current league position needs to be put into perspective by the realisation that the side currently leading the Premiership, are arguably the best squad of players since it's inauguration, so it is no mean feat to have challenged them until now.


BUT...... I feel that it is obvious where the deficiencies are in our current side.


Defensively we are sound, we could possibly do with strengthening in both fullback positions, but I don't consider this as priority.


Regarding our goalkeeper, and options at centre half, they are as good as any other Premiership side.


I think what we need more than anything right now, is a playmaker, a creative talent, who can pick a pass from nothing, and change a game with a bit of magic - Aguero or Ribery for example would fit the bill.


Yesterday's game highlighted this again.


We are also badly lacking in wide options, and need pacy players for either flank, who will provide genuine width and a goal threat.


Riera has been okay on the left, but I don't rate him as good enough to be a regular starter in a side with title ambitions, same applies to Yossi who deserves special mention for his improvement and application in recent weeks.


As I am mentioning players by name, I cannot let the opportunity go without stating that I consider Ryan Babel's attitude and performances in a Liverpool jersey this season nothing short of a disgraceful insult to all fans - he deserves the Robbie Keane treatment this Summer - get rid at all costs.


Anyway, back to the title of the thread ;


Let us suppose that the club, or at least Gillette's share, is sold before the end of the transfer window, that Rafa has signed his deal, and is in a position whereby he has full say over who we sign, and for what money......


I cannot see him going after the attacking players I have referred to above.


It would be far more likely that he would sign the likes of Gareth Barry.


I just cannot envisage us playing attractive, attack minded football under Rafa.


The emphasis will always be on a safety first, cautious approach, whereby the priority will be not to concede.


For as long as that is the case, I can see the current status quo persisting - a 3rd/4th place finish in the Premiership compensated for by progressing to the last four or two in the Champions League - and for me that will not do.


With the exception of Newcastle away where we played one of the worst sides I can recall ever in the Premiership, not once this season, have we really looked like battering a side - ironically this seems even more to apply to our home fixtures against the "lesser sides".


"This is our bread and butter - this is the one that we want" ; with our main rivals on the brink of equalling our title haul, I think these sentiments have never held more true.

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