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Craig Bellamy

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I think someone might have posted about this a while ago, but in case people haven't seen it I think it needs highlighting.


Bellamy has a reputation as being horrible but what he's doing here (without a great deal of fuss from his part) is absolutely fantastic, proud to see an ex red doing something so noble.


Bellamy in good guy shocker


Bellamy's Leone trip proves popular

West Ham and Wales striker Craig Bellamy has been the centre of attraction on a visit to Sierra Leone.


He watched the Leone Stars beat South Africa 1-0 in a 2010 World Cup qualifier, and was mobbed by fans wherever he went, with people chanting his name and asking for autographs.


Bellamy is funding a $1.26m football project to help children in the country.


Education and community projects will go hand in hand with the 14 new leagues and 68 youth teams that Bellamy is setting up throughout the country.


"This trip is to show my face and to show how serious I am," he told reporters beside a beach after a kickabout with fans in Freetown.


"It will be my second home. I have no doubt about it."


A car he was travelling in was so enthusiastically greeted by local supporters beating on the roof and bonnet that it got dented.


"I feel a little bit embarrassed with the attention I get here, but why not make yourself useful?" he said.


Teams in the new leagues will be rewarded not only for winning matches but for fair play, school attendance and community projects too.


Bellamy said the academy should be running within a year.


"I'm not looking at getting the next Didier Drogba, as long as every child leaves ready with a good education.


"I'm not looking to gain anything from this opportunity, except every couple of years to change 250 children's lives."


Sierra Leone is recovering from more than a decade of civil war that finished in 2002 and was infamous for its child soldiers.


"It's difficult coming here. Children and their fathers and grandfathers have all been given a gun, and now my aim is to throw them a football."



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Fair play to Bellamy. Nothing to be personally gained from doing what he is doing in Sierra Leone. Deserves a lot of praise in my opinion - telling some small time fans to f*** off is totally irrelevant to that.

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