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Everton FC which proclaims itself as the Peoples Club has decided to sue its own fans - or at least those who contribute to the website keioc.net ( as in "Keep Everton In Our City")


The club is peeved by adverse comments to its plan to relocate from the historic (eh?...me by the way) Goodison Park to Kirkby - a scheme that prompted the gleeful Liverpool crowd to chant "You're not scousers anymore"at the last local derby. The fans have invited the clubs chief exec Keith Wyness to a public debate on the controversial relocation but have received only writs.


Well, almost, evertons clodhopping lawyers have issued proceedings not against keioc.net but keioc.com - the website of a dental practice in Japan.

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The Daily Post can also today reveal that the Goodison club are looking to secure in excess of £60m for a 15-year naming rights deal for the proposed new 50,000-seater ground.


They'll be bloody lucky.

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Well, considering that they're the fastest growing economy or somesuch it's probably not as cheap and naive a thing as it seems.

in what way, as a cheap desperate profile raising excerise in the hope that it fools the masses ?

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If we'd done it then it could well have served a purpose. Most here bang on enough about us not being savvy enough to make opportunity from foreign markets.


er no, not like this spike.


to be clear, the reason i know about it is because a blue s**** mate text me about it followed by the line, i have officially given up on football.,

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An arabic channel did a simmilar thing 2-3 years ago and the winner (who came from algeria) won a contract with newcastle, Beardsley was on the final show to present the lad with the contract


never heard anything more about him though

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Looks like the bluesh_i_te have been learning the Italian way of running a football club.....allegedly.




Everton deny election influence claim over Kirkby stadium

May 19 2008 Liverpool Echo



EVERTON FC and Tesco today hit back at claims they may have illegally influenced the results of the local elections in Knowsley.


A dossier has been handed to police complaining about a glossy leaflet and DVD circulated to every household in Kirkby at a cost of £22,000 during the campaign.


The publication promoted the merits of the £400m Destination Kirkby development which includes a massive food store, new football stadium for Everton and shops.


Kirkby Labour candidates, including Cllr Eddie Connor, a spokesman on the project, backed the scheme.


But anti-stadium protesters formed the single issue party First4Kirkby and vehemently opposed the planning application along with Lib-Dem candidates.


Kirkby Residents Action Group now claims that the election campaign became, in effect, a single-issue vote on the Tesco/Everton development.


As a result, objectors have submitted formal complaints to the police.


They allege Tesco and Everton deliberately intervened into the political debate.


KRAG spokesperson the Rev Tim Stratford said ‘propaganda’ material “clearly adopted the position adopted by the Labour Party and was obviously likely to influence the way that people voted.


“This is a blatant breach of section 75 of the Representation of The People’s act.”


Police confirmed they were investigating the contents of the dossier.


However, Everton and Tesco described the move as “arrant nonsense”.


Everton spokesman Ian Ross said: “The DVD was simply part of a process that we said we would embark on from day one.


“These people who are accusing us here are the very same people who accuse us of not outlining our plans clearly enough.”

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