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A lot of you lads in the north west won't fully comprehend what a bunch of complete c*nts Chelsea fans are, with more than a few it's almost institutional their hatred desire to continue decrying Hillsborough.


I prefer the mancs and yes, I know they're bad for it but they've had Munich for years and the rivalry amongst the two cities is historical. This Chelsea hatred of us is down to Rafa, Luis Garcia and us doing Mourinho and Terry in 2005. Vermin, they couldn't keep their gobs shut for 60 seconds yesterday and I'm seeing comments all over Facebook, one even offering a thought up for Heysel, Ibrox and Bradford.


It always upsets but just now it's worse, 25 years being marked up and down the land but they still just can't shut the f*ck up.

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Nice story about a friend of mine in Dublin who went on the walk for the 96 in the Phoenix Park in Dublin last weekend.


96 of the walkers were allocated a name of one of the 96 and given a balloon with their name to release.


My friend represented Gary Collins.


Yesterday through facebook Garys brother and sister got in touch to say thank you, and how much that gesture meant to them, and the upshot is that they may be meeting up at the Liverpool Shamrock Rovers game in Dublin in May for a pint.

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FYI, the memorial service is NOT all being shown live on LFC.TV but will be shown delayed later - presumably with anything that may contravene the inquest guidelines edited out




With the Hillsborough inquests currently ongoing, the club is respectful of the reporting restrictions imposed by the Attorney General's office and will therefore take a different approach to this year's memorial service at Anfield.


The initial part of the service at the Reds' home ground, from 2.40pm until approximately 3.10pm, will be covered live by the club's official television channel. The memorial service is an all-ticket event and tickets are not available on the day.


Delayed coverage of the annual service in its entirety will subsequently be broadcast on LFC TV at 6pm and repeated later at 9.30pm.


Minute-by-minute descriptions and accompanying images will be published in real-time throughout the memorial service on Liverpoolfc.com.


The club is grateful to those who would normally watch the service live for their patience and understanding at this time, and appreciate the support of the Hillsborough Family Support Group with regards to LFC TV's approach to coverage of the service.

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