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Albert Riera

Leo No.8

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Pretty much every time people have been discussing our needs for the coming season I see the left side of midfield taking priority, I'm wondering whether I'm the only one who seems to still rate Riera highly. I've also seen him mentioned quite a few times as one of the players people would let go for the right offer, I can't agree.


I think he had a big impact on our general improvement last season, providing genuine width on the left hand side and crucially balance which we hadn't had in some time. He also chipped in with a few quality goals and has become a regular contributor to the Spain international side so has really come on as a player during his time with us.


He has excellent technique, he's not a flyer as such but is quickish and uses a trick and his body mass well to get past defenders, and has a really good left peg. I'd personally be quite happy to see him still first choice come next season.


It seems to me that because of a few games he disappeared in last season like Madrid away the general concensus of opinion went down on Riera quite a bit, but show me a winger who doesn't disappear in certain games. Importantly when he isn't influencing a game as much as we'd like, unlike some wingers he works hard and doesn't forget his defensive duties.


Its also worth bearig in mind that apart from a fairly unsuccessful loan spell at City, last year was his first back in English football so theres a strong possibility he'll be better again in the coming season. Certainly I'm sure his fitness will be better which was one of his main downfalls last season when he was often withdrawn in the second half.


It almost seems like Riera is being written off or forgotten about by many but I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do going into this season. If we sign another attacking option I hope its someone versatile like Silva who can play right across the pitch, rather than a specialist left sided winger as a direct replacement for Riera.

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