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The 2008/2009 s*** Team of The Season

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No rules on what constitutes s***. Can be in terms of value for money, or just flat out rubbishness.


I'll do mine position by position...




The contenders....


For me, there are a few obvious contenders for the s***ty gloves award. Former red Scott Carson who went for decent wedge and has worked steadily to reduce the amount of money per mistake he has cost, Gomez who in the 1st few months of the season appeared to be keeping goal as if effected by a time travel anomaly like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future but since then appears to have gone alright (like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future after fixing the time travel anomoly) and Craig Gordon who went for huge money and has just disappeared and been displaced by somebody who cost nowt.


And the winner is Scotty Carson. Saves very little and lets bobbling gently struck shots get past him in a way that makes you wonder just how he did that. Makes the goal appear bigger than it is. Congrats Scott. Congrats Rafa. Over 4 million for him. Tony Mowbray must be thinking that a centre half could have been bought with that money. He must also be thinking that he could have put a wheelie bin in goal and it'd have stopped more.

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