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It seems to me that there is a 'turning' of some of the more capable journalists against the more sensational tabloid like reporting that has taken over the media, over the last few years.


I don't just mean they used to give us a hard time and now they are more complimentary, I mean their reporting across the board - an attempt at tactical analysis, distancing from the 'pack', not sucking up to traditionally respected figures.



Whisper it gently, lest you be carted away to the nuthouse, but the Sunday Supplement has even become worth watching over the last few weeks (obviously depending on who they have on).



Oliver Kay and Henry Winter are two examples, who I like listening to or reading. In the middle you have Patrick Barclay, who actually prides himself on being ANTI-tabloid sensationalism (but still manages to stick to it when it comes to us), numpties like Joe Lovejoy, who mutter incomprehensible lines which are guaranteed to agree with the pack and prove his lack of insight - and then the a******s, sadly having among their ranks a number of our ex-players.



I wonder if the rumored shake up at Sky has a small part to play in this. Or maybe Sky is tapping into the general feeling amongst all fans that we are sick of living on bottom feed while other countries get excellent coverage and analysis.



So which papers do you buy - I suppose that's a two parter - which papers/reporters give us a fair crack of the whip, an attempt at impartiality and which are generally good for football coverage across the board?

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