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Update from ShareLiverpool.


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Just received this e-mail:


[Once again, cue all the 'Nice idea, but it will never happen' replies!!]


Close Season? Not for us!

There may no club football for the next couple of months but that doesn't mean we won't carry on developing the ShareLiverpoolFC project as vigorously as we can. Over the coming weeks, a number of significant developments will take place.


We expect the Financial Services Authority to finally approve the Constitution of the ShareLiverpoolFC Provident Society in the next few days. The Constitution provides a detailed account of the way the Society will operate and how its democratic structure will give 'fan members' the voting rights which will determine the running of ShareLiverpoolFC - and the appointment of the Executive Board which will run Liverpool Football Club when we gain a controlling interest.


We will soon publish a shortened version of the Constitution on the newly built www.shareliverpoolfc.com website which will also go live shortly (we will inform you directly when that takes place). The new site will offer much greater flexibility and interactive facilities, with a sophisticated data system behind which will enable us to understand much more about the nearly 40,000 Liverpool fans who have already registered their interest in our project.


Next week ShareLiverpoolFC will launch in Ireland, taking our message directly to one of our most passionate and supportive territories. A press conference will be held in Dublin on 30 May.


More Legends to support ShareLiverpoolFC

We will also be announcing the latest Liverpool FC legends to join the cause. That will be in the press at the end of next week, but you'll hear it from us here first. Support continues to grow from ordinary fans as well as former players, with over 3000 more people expressing an interest through www.shareliverpoolfc.com over the last few weeks. The issues that are driving support for ShareLiverpoolFC will not go away - indeed they will become even more significant as our Club tries to negotiate the vital transfer period, hamstrung by a divided ownership.


Last week I addressed the All Party Parliamentary Football Group at Westminster, to contribute to its inquiry into "English Football and Its Governance". Being a subject dear to our hearts, I put forward a number of suggestions to limit the ability of individuals to take-over football clubs, how they are structured financially, and how fans could and should be given a proper role in the running of clubs.


Ultimately the All Party Parliamentary Football Group is probably aware of most of these issues. As is the government, with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Andy Burnham, being a former Chair of Supporters Direct. What it really needs is the political will to act, and stop football clubs being traded as though they were any other commodity instead of vital parts of the community.


If you want to get your feelings about what's happening to LFC off your chest, why not write to your MP? In the end, it's government that can most effectively protect the nation's football clubs from the outright predations of 'leveraged buy outs' (simply borrowing money to buy clubs - and then moving the debt onto the club).


Recently, the French government blocked Pepsi from buying Danone on the grounds that it was a 'national strategic asset'. If yoghurt production can be a 'strategic asset' in France, why not football in UK?


We'll be in touch again soon.


Rogan Taylor

On behalf of ShareLiverpoolFC



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"and the appointment of the Executive Board which will run Liverpool Football Club when we gain a controlling interest."


it could happen but odds are against it - difficult to organise something like this and bring it to fruition


also would be concerned as to how fans owning and controlling club would be in practice especially with no tradition of it in this part of the world


real madrid, barcelona don't strike me as best run clubs

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still don't get why they will choose to have their press conference in another city, let alone, country.

Presume they are looking for "Celtic Tiger" money? Unfortunately that particular tiger f***ed off elsewhere long ago.

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I'd be interested to know how they are going to finance the running of the club on a year on tear basis, which will enable us to compete in the transfer market?


Think that as it would be run as a not-for-profit venture they'd have no more problems financing the club (and I assume you are referring primarily to transfer budgets and player wages) than any other consortiums really, where a large chunk gets siphoned off nto the pockets of the owners - my understanding is that pretty much all revenue (ticket sales; merachandise; our slice of the TV deals etc) would be reinvested into the club (though I may be wrong).


I think it could work given the chance, but the fact that the original post has got all of about 12 replies tells you all you need to know about the chances of finding 100,000 people with 5 grand each to invest. Which is, of course, just another way of saying 'Nice idea, but it'll never happen'.

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Can I be the first to say that it will never happen?






When they have the press conference in Dublin, will they be announcing that Tom Hicks can't wait to sell to ShareLiverpool? Or that DIC, after pursuing us for 2 (?) years, will be willing to sell up and move on in search of another trophy brand?


Great idea, 5 years too late.

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Did anybody see that link saying that 38,000 had signed up IN IRELAND ALONE [my emphasis].


Is that right, or should it be 38,000 in total?


Of course, I can't find the link now, which doesn't help...



there is a huge difference between signing up and actually handing over 5 grand though

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Indeed there is, Gunga Din.


But if there is absolutely no chance of ShareLiverpool getting the numbers/pledges/finance that they need [as conventional wisdom on this Forum deems to be the case], I wonder why they are still around, going to the lengths they are?






i think there is a lot of this going on TBH

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The link to the 38,000 Irish fans who have signed up.


As I've said before, don't agree with or understand the apparent negativity re. ShareLiverpoolFC.


As regards being 'attention whores', at least there are people trying to rectify the walking disaster-zone that is currently Liverpool FC, rather than just moaning about it on forums (like me!).

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