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Players getting jobs


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I know todays multi-millionaire players don't need jobs when they retire but if they did... what would they be?


I think Carragher would be a PE teacher. Always in a trackie, playing football, bo11ocking pupils. I could see him being like the PE guy in 'Teachers'.


Pennant would open a lap-dancing club and then eventually end up pimping. He'd be found shot in his Cadillac, identifiable only by his 30 gold teeth.


Voronin would be giving kids rides on Blackpool beach.

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Xabi would go into financial services, perhaps in the city.


Gerrard would be lost for a while then fall into teaching due to Carra's influence (I'm thinking Geography, the padded elbow look would attract him). The bright lights of London would eventually call and he'd get a job with Xabi. He'd quit that and start up his own building firm, become pretty successful & wealthy then the TV Reality shows would come calling. He'd find a modicum of fame again, maybe as Llwelwyn Bowen's stooge, before disappearing from our screens due to his inability to smile. He'd retire at 55 as a very fat man and move to Benidorm.

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Guest redallover

Obvious, but Voronin will finally put his hair to good use and go into the porn. First feature film will be "Andrei fixes Mrs Terry's fridge", but knowing him he'll probably put the money shot wide

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Guest Beano's Dad

I reckon Reina would take over from that Aussie cricketer (Greg Matthews) in those hair restoring ads on the back pages of tabloids.

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