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  1. boohog


    Bow chicka wow wow
  2. boohog


    Won it we have.
  3. Ditto. No words for this at the moment. I just have a perma-footy-boner.
  4. Pretty sure Liverpool is Hugh Laurie's second team (after Fulham)
  5. VAR comes up as no goal for Alli's equaliser. Ref gives goal anyway. Excellent.
  6. It's nonsense. They have added a loan Barca took to the numbers. Looks like we are only getting 4.5 of the remaining 37 so we are short by 32.5. To be honest if true its a garbage contract if they can get out of the final payments by selling the player. Unless of course those are performance/success related.
  7. I've been having a really good football dream. Hasn't finished yet.
  8. Looks like Bluemoon have blocked access to the Liverpool thread. Beautiful.
  9. But that means we can still make transfers out after our transfer window closes. So it's really just a transfer in window then.
  10. I don't get the Spain thing. How can British clubs still sell players to them if our transfer window has SLAMMED SHUT? Surely we shouldn't be allowed to buy or sell?
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