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  1. guernseygareth


    And an utter c***?
  2. Doors, The End John Lennon, Isolation Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me
  3. Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen. Enjoyable fluff but I've always liked his overplotted guff.
  4. Yeah, a suitably uplifting film. Great watch.
  5. All the President's Men because I wanted see good overcome the arses. Besides, technically it's superb from start to end, the textbook procedural story the cast is incredible - especially Robards and everyone involved seems decent human beings earnestly trying to convey the importance of this story. A classic.
  6. guernseygareth


    Be strong Sammy and everyone else already directly involved. Feels like how I always imagined how 'the phoney war' was, this sense of the surreal, maybe it won't happen or be so bad. Eerie to see the world ticking along and feeling it's somebody else's problem. Sensing it could all go wrong quickly but then thinking I'm being melodramatic. Hug them if you've got them.
  7. guernseygareth


    Guernsey in lock down from midnight following first confirmed cross contamination on island.
  8. guernseygareth


    Guernsey went from one positive case for over a week to two on Friday to 17 yesterday. Basically because tests were finally coming back from UK centre.
  9. Stew and dumplings f***ing rules. That is all.
  10. Calling Jonesy to the thread. Studios be keen for the end of cinemas so they'll be intrigued in all this.
  11. Must be that time of year for Mane to Madrid stories.
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