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  1. Quite enjoyed Greyhound. Definitely a bit weird as after the opening with Shue there is no background offered or real character development as Rory said. It's as if they decided 'let's just go flat out sub hunting' and edited it accordingly. Wonder if the book is the same. As a bit of fluff, it was entertaining.
  2. Beglin makes Burnley sound like they're pushing for top three.
  3. Seem to be tripping over a fair bit in the vicinity of Burnley players when the ball seems to be elsewhere.
  4. Bloomin autocorrect as opposed to wit.
  5. Is that a bit like having a favourite car crash? I like a bit of Johnny Cash but think he's not really country and/or western. To make myself feel better. Virg or Radio probably deserve it more but I want the skipper to get it. And tippy tap his way to sports personality of the year.
  6. Have they voted? Isn't it usually something daft like January or February? Who was getting the plaudits before lockdown intervened?
  7. Hunt for Red October. Great fun.
  8. Is right. Keep the pressure up. Klopp can't afford another poor result, the vultures are circling etc.
  9. The Other Guys always raises a smile in our house.
  10. 2020 is quite good today. Up the Reds!
  11. Three Kings. Entertaining and very thoughtful. Would it get made today?
  12. He comes under 'Even a stopped clock...'
  13. Two confirmed cases over here during last few weeks, both been released from hospital. Major easing of restrictions from May 30, all schools back from June 8 but mine from 1st.
  14. Astrid Kirchherr. Another fifth Beatle gone. Hope she and Stu can catch up now. RIP.
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