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  1. guernseygareth


    Nice. Takes me back to my A-level resits and nipping in clwb Ifor Bach. Might go dig out my crumblowers 12".
  2. Hasn't he got a big house in Jersey? The old one.
  3. These are DHgate specials. Got a player one for me, that I'll not wear hopefully. Look spot on. Cost 45 all in.
  4. Just clickbait cobblers though isn't it? "Let's see if we can get an agenda going, at the very least it'll still be generating traffic in a 100 years time - gimme 1500 words"
  5. Brewster interest from Sheffield United? No idea on source, just Twitter/'paper guff probably.
  6. With Gini and Barcelona he'd be Koeman's and Koeman is probably being binned come March and their presidential election. Sure the favourite has said it's Xavi coming in with him.
  7. If Koeman goes to Barcelona would he target Gini?
  8. They are/were until 'everyone awards/gets a trophy day' descended. #thegamesgone
  9. Like the transfer add on we'll probably get should he win the cup with Bayern, they wouldn't have the thought to make sure it read 'if he wins the UCL with Barcelona'.
  10. The Adjustment Bureau. Lovely little film, thoughtful stuff. This review comes with the acknowledgement that my middle age Is showing.
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