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  1. Martinus


    Here is the full link https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/51859553
  2. Martinus


    Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said cancelling sporting events is not a "major way to tackle this epidemic". "Of course there is a risk," he said. "But on average one person infects two or three others. "You therefore have a very low probability of infecting a large number of people in a stadium, or a rather higher probability of infecting people very close to you, and that means most of the transmission tends to takes place with friends and colleagues in close environments, not in the big environments.
  3. As it stands we play Newcastle away on the 5th and Barca on the 7th surely Newcastle game will be moved?
  4. We've got to remain at least 1 point clear. I really do think the United game is key now. Draw is absolute minimum.
  5. I think it’s more to with the enforced changes we’ve had to make in defence that’s the main cause.
  6. But realistically they’ve probably had their bad spell. We’ve had 2 chances to pull away and failed both times. We should be 7 ahead now.
  7. No chance we beat United, Chelsea and Spurs. Also Everton will raise their game 100% against us. I don’t see where City drop points now.
  8. Why the hell do we keep giving away ridiculous free kicks.
  9. Its hard to disagree with your assessment, however it wasn't just fans it was also pundits and fellow players who said we signed a great player. E.g. one of his team mates at Leipzig, was Youseff Poulson, who was quoted as saying Keita was vastly superior to Christian Eriksen. Being there is no obvious agenda for him to state that, having played with both players. It does seem odd as to why he hasn't settled. However he has had a few decent games, West Ham, Palace early season and Burnley more recent, which is interesting as that was probably one of the more physical games he would have been involved in.
  10. Fabinho did okay at centre back last night but not sure I want him playing there on Saturday.
  11. He just needs play on a regular basis. Hopefully he starts against Brighton.
  12. Game is so frustrating. So much better than them.
  13. Has it actually been confirmed anywhere he’s injured and missing the game against united?
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