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All This 'Making Up the Points Gap to Chelsea' B*llocks

Leo No.8

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I think I've just about had it with hearing people talk about points gaps, how many players we still need to 'make up the points gap from last season etc. McManaman being the latest one to make that stupid f*cking point. He then said 'Chelsea will be the team to beat this season' confidently, to which the reporter said 'why is that then when United won the league comfortably last season?', which made a complete c*nt of him because he couldn't answer it.


What people need to realise is that this wonderful, at times baffling game of ours doesn't just work like that, football doesn't follow rules like maths. 'Chelsea were 20 points ahead so Liverpool + Torres - Bellamy + Babel - Garcia = only 7 points behind, so if only we bought a Quaresma we'd be level'. It's not as simple as that - summer signings aren't the only reason a team improves season on season, even if they can obviously be a major influence.


The season before last United were miles behind Chelsea, bought one player for the first team and were easily the best team in the league the following season. Like Pako said in his recent interview, they were building their team in the years before that, which I feel we have been too. But there are so many different factors which can swing things one way or another. Chelsea suffered more injuries than United for example.


Now we've signed a few players this summer upon all of whom we've all got an opinion; but let's say the rest don't do much and just Torres settles. He becomes that Thierry Henry like forward who flies down the channels, beats defenders and takes defences apart. Even just that one player settling and giving us the something special up front might be enough to change everything and make us a title team, enough to balance out all the many qualities we have elsewhere in the side and make it all click.


I get the impression a lot of people still aren't happy with our summer dealings, but what everyone needs to understand is it won't just be the new players that dictate whether we challenge next season.


It could be the form of our key players who have been rested from international tournaments, the improvement in the likes of Pennant, the imperious influence from day one of the season of Mascherano, or the versatitity of Arbeloa. It could be in Kuyt playing further forward and becoming prolific as he was in Holland, Pepe cutting out his early season mistakes or in Rafa's learning process in understanding that over-rotation in the early games can kill your whole season. It could be in something as fortunate as the fixture list which was so unkind last season, and the confidence we gain if we can get a flyer.


What I'm trying to say is that I just don't think we were that far away last season. You can't just look at a points gap and say that's how much we have to make up; by Christmas we had other priorities and the league was gone. That was last season, this season we all start on 0 points again with no gap to make up and what both new and established players do will dictate if we can challenge.


We absolutely have the players to challenge for the title this tiem around and I feel more confident than I have at the start of any season in recent times that this time we will at least take it into the latter stages of the season.

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